We absolutely love our pool that P. Kornfeind Pool & Spa installed at our house. My family and I are able to enjoy every minute possible knowing that if we ever have any questions about the pool itself, the filter, heater, etc. we can count on them to provide assistance with a great deal of knowledge and professionalism. Everyone at the business is so pleasant and very friendly…I look forward to them opening and closing our pool every year! I highly recommend P.Kornfeind Pool & Spa to everyone!

I just want to take the time to thank you for the many years of service opening and closing our pool. We have always appreciated your effort to schedule us at our convenience as well as honoring your  time and date consistently. The careful review of our equipment each year has enabled us to enjoy the pool all season long. We valued your prompt response and expertise this past summer to solve our pump problem.  Thanks for your continued service and we look forward to next year’s swimming season.